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We are sisters. We like to take pictures.

Coming from a big family with a mom who loved to photograph, we have volumes and volumes of photo albums that we all love to look back on, laugh at (mostly at our bad perms) and remember the special and everyday moments.

Our name “Fritzi’s” comes from our Grandpa Fritz – the patriarch of our large and creative family.

Our goal as photographers is to capture you and your family so you have beautiful moments to fill your walls and photo albums. Our sessions are fun, low-key and put your family members at ease so we can capture your true spirit. We keep each session quick and punchy and with both of us shooting, you’ll get plenty of beautiful shots and viewpoints.

Most of all, we love meeting new people and making you look good! We’d love to shoot your special moments – maternity, newborn, or yearly family photo updates, or just be on hand to capture your everyday – for instance a birthday party, family get-together, or making cookies on a Saturday afternoon.

Shannon (the older sister) is a mom of two, owns a small real estate brokerage, loves to tinker in the garden & kitchen, and usually has multiple unfinished projects going at once.

 Emily (the younger sister) is a mom of two, has a boutique design studio, and is a lover of all things cute and vintage.